The magnificent new lights are, at last, now up and running and available for use. With potentially all 5 courts lit, the club can no longer afford to give free use of floodlights and so a charge of £4 per hour has been introduced to coincide with the introduction of the new lights. This figure will cover the cost of electricity and maintenance, allowing us to break even on lighting use.
The token meter to control the lighting on the original 2 courts has been replaced by card readers to match those on the new courts so that all courts will be controlled by the same system. This means that if you want to use a floodlit court then you will need a card loaded with time.
Cards (£3 deposit) can be obtained from Kate Carling. It is not possible to load up cards remotely, the cards are ‘smart’ but not that smart! We can accept cash or cheques (made payable to Lady Bay Tennis and Sports Club) as payment.
Each court is controlled by a separate card timer. If time is put onto one timer then all 6 masts should rise but only the 3 lights for the appropriate court will light up. Time must be put on both courts if all 6 lights are to be used.

To meet the requirements of Environmental Health, we have restricted times of use and the portable lights MUST NOT be used after 9.30pm. Please consider this before loading time from your cards or you will lose any extra time from your card.

Important information regarding wind speed

For safety reasons, the masts are designed to retract if the wind speed exceeds 25 mph.

If the red light on the control panel is lit up then the wind has exceeded this level and the button must be reset before the masts will go up.

The current wind speed can be checked using the observation window on the side of the control panel – you are likely to have issues with the masts retracting if the wind is gusting near to the safety level.

If the wind speed now seems OK then press the reset button and proceed with setting the card timers.

If the masts do go down due to wind while you are playing, pressing the reset button will allow them to go back up but this will happen every time the wind gusts above the level and so will interfere with your play.

  • Insert card into the appropriate timer (with chip on right hand side)
  • A time should flash on the display – for most cards this will be for 7 ½ minutes
  • Press the blue button once for each multiple of this time unit you want to put on the court – the total can be made up from several presses from one card or shared between several cards if each player wants to contribute their share of the cost.
  • REMOVE THE CARD TO SWITCH ON THE LIGHTS (more time can still be added after this time by reinserting a card)
  • At the end of the time on the metre, the lights will go off; there is a warning buzzer on the control panel a minute or two before they will go off. One light on each court will remain lit up to allow time to leave the court safely.
  • If the lights have switched off then they must be allowed to cool off before they can be switched back on. If you are following on from other players then you should add your time before the previous time expires and then start your play at the appropriate time

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Poppy & Pint

Had enough of tennis?
Surely not....but for those of you who are in need the Poppy & Pint is located immediately next door.
Forming part of the fantastic Castle Rock group the "Poppy" offers a terrific range of award-winning real ales and lagers and a fine menu to boot.

Follow this link to find out more