Summer Leagues 2017


Aegon Team Tennis National/Regional Open 2017

TeamLeagueFull league
TeamLeagueFull league
MenNational Open Men – MidlandsFull league
WomenNational Open Women – MidlandsFull league

Aegon Team Tennis Nottinghamshire 2017

TeamLeagueFull league
TeamLeagueFull league
8U LionsMixed Division 1Full league
8U CubsMixed Division 2 OnwardsFull league
9U Lions Mixed Division 1Full league
10U TigersMixed Division 1Full league
12U BoysDivision 1Full league
14U GirlsDivision 1Full league
16U BoysDivision 1Full league
16U GirlsDivision 1Full league
Open Men’s Division 1Full league

Slazenger Notts LTA Summer League 2017

Team LeagueFull League
Team LeagueFull League
Men 1Men's Doubles - Div 1Full league
Women 1Women's Doubles - Div 1Full league
Mixed 1Mixed Doubles - Div 1Full league
Men's 2Men's Doubles - Div 1Full league
Women's 2Women's Doubles - Div 3Full league
Mixed 2Mixed Doubles - Div 5Full league
Men's 3Men's Doubles - Div 6Full league
Women's 3Women's Doubles - Div 4Full league
Mixed 3Mixed Doubles - Div 7Full league


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Poppy & Pint

Had enough of tennis?
Surely not....but for those of you who are in need the Poppy & Pint is located immediately next door.
Forming part of the fantastic Castle Rock group the "Poppy" offers a terrific range of award-winning real ales and lagers and a fine menu to boot.

Follow this link to find out more